a b o u t

Colorful. One-of-a-kind. Pretty damn amazing. These are just a few of the words we’d use to describe our products. And, actually, they’re exactly how we’d describe the type of person who shops here (psst: that’s you).

LoveBirdsLA is based in Los Angeles, but our story started a bit farther away—during our travels to Peru, Thailand, and the Philippines. We fell hard for the cultures, colors, and textiles and decided to take our love of fashion, blend it with our love of travel and create handmade bags with these incredible handwoven, hand-picked fabrics.

Our first line of clutches did better than we could’ve imagined and appeared in InStyle Magazine, Lucky Mag, and Foam Magazine and went on to be carried in boutiques across the US and internationally in Japan and Australia.  Our signature style features pops of colors, bright accents, and extroverted details. And we’re always cookin; up fun, new ideas and collaborations (hint: go here).

Thanks for stopping by—standing out looks great on you.



P.S. As with any unique, handmade item, slight inconsistencies are to be expected. The great news? No one else in the world has the same bag you do.